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The weather forecasters got another storm wrong. Quel surprise! With the snow count predicted at 3-6 inches, Doug and I thought we may be having a potluck of two. However, the storm was lackluster and uneventful. So we trekked over to Meg’s.

Some of the usual suspects called out sick for potluck, but the new addition of Hadley again kept the count to five.

As an appetizer we had Original hummus with carrots, broccoli and radishes.

The entree was like this:

Steamed broccoli with orange sauce
Orrechiete pasta with tomatoes, cilantro, and feta cheese
Onion laced bread

Notice how the plate is not as full as other weeks.

For dessert we had orange creme brulee. Meg wanted to do something from Ontario, Canada, but could only find beaver recipes. With French being one of the official languages of Canada it was ok to serve orange creme brulee as a Canadian dish. I thought it was delicious. So delicious in fact that there was no time to take a picture. Just imagine a glistening sugary coating over orange creamy custard. So that was potluck ‘O’.

Due to next week being February break for Massachusetts schools potluck ‘P’ will be Feb. 24. On that day we will have a Party and celebrate!


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Potluck ‘N’ seemed to be filled with new challenges and unexpected surprises.

Challenge 1:  8 people = 8 pieces of naan, but there were 2 unexpected guests.  To be polite most people had 1/2 a piece of naan, so there was actually one piece left over.

Challenge 2:  Seating.  Ten people seems to be the maximum occupancy for the table.  With a little help from fold out chairs we managed fine.

Unexpected surprise 1:  Three new faces at the table.  It’s always good to have new people share in the experience.

Unexpected surprise 2:  Three salads made an appearance on the buffet.  Where the dinner is usually lacking in light salads, tonight the leafy greens were abundant.  We had napa cabbage salad, noodle (tortellini) on spinach, and navel orange and blue cheese salad.

So this is what a plate of ‘N’ foods look like.  We had the salads and naan, New Zealand pasta made with cauliflower and a red cream sauce and nachos.  Also, you’ll notice that Graeme made “Nothing” tonight, so the empty spaces represent Graeme’s contribution.

One newcomer brought Nestle Tollhouse cookie pie, but I forgot to take a picture. Just imagine a pie shell with gooey chocolate chip cookies in the center.

And nobody made any claims to next week’s “O”s, so I think that a vegetarian French onion soup may be in store, or maybe Onion tea sandwiches. We’ll see.

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