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P-W In a Nutshell

Oh how the months pass by!

After forgetting the camera a few times and then being plain lazy I’ve fallen of the potluck blog. However, today I will shine again. Well, it’s raining outside, so I have plenty of time to blog.

Here goes:

P Week’s Spread:
I forget

Q Week Entrees:
Quick Bread (which turned out to be pancakes?)
I forget again!

R Meals:
Roquefort Cheese Bread
Russian shepard’s pie
Raspberry ice cream sandwiches

S’mores ice cream sandwiches

Other delicious highlights:

Pineapple upside down cake
Easter bread
Pad Thai
potato pierogies
Walnut Loaf
Waldorf Salad (s)
Sesame Seed bagels with veggie cream cheese

I have to admit I can only remember the things that I made. Yikes!

Here is a snippet of R week:

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