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The table sat NINE

After a brief hiatus we are back to potlucking.  The theme for this week was the letter ‘J’.  I think most of us scratched our heads wondering what starts with J: jerk chicken, jambalaya, jerky, juice, jelly beans.  But none of these could satisfy such a culinarily diverse and mostly vegetarian crowd.  So the menu looked something like this:  cream cheese covered with jezibel sauce, veggie jambalaya, jerk spice rubbed veggie kebabs, Japanese miso glazed tofu, jicama slaw, jalapeno poppers, cauliflower gratin made with jarlesberg cheese, cuban sandwiches made with jarlesberg, and jeer chicken.   Travis and Susie finally made it to the festivities and their presence was awesome.

Tina made the appetizer.  We ate the dip with Triscuits and petits breads.  I liked the breads because you got more bang for the caloric buck.

Jezibel Sauce

1 jar each of Apricot and Pineapple jelly (apple jelly is a good substitute)
1/2 jar (3.5 oz) creamed horseradish
1 tsp dry mustard
1 Tbsp freshly ground black pepper

Mix all ingredients. Serve over cream cheese with crackers. (Also can be used to glaze meats apparently)

Doug made the jicama slaw.  He usually discovers his recipes from FoodNetwork, and especially from Alton Brown.  The slaw is from Guy Fieri.  It can be found on foodnetwork.com.

Travis and Susie’s debut was amazing.  The jeer chicken had a mild curry flavor mixed with chewy brown rice.  They also made jalapeno poppers were almost like a tempura– very light.

Pictured below are my items.  I made grilled cubans and the cauliflower gratin.  I had a head of cauliflower and decided this would be healthy (yeah right).

I didn’t follow a particular recipe.  The ingredients are:

bakery multi-grain bread (I adore the reduced for quick sale bakery items), dijon mustard, pickles, tomatoes, jarlesberg cheese, and ham (both vegetarian and carnivorous).  Assembly went as follows: spread mustard on bread, top with sliced pickles, jarlesberg cheese, ham, and tomato.  I followed that for both sides of bread and just smooshed together.  I don’t particularly care for cold tomatoes on warm food so I put it between the ham so that it stayed kind of cool.  Slather outside with butter, but only one side so you can press them without making a huge mess.  Then, when you flip them you butter the other side.

Grill those babies up on a pan for about 3 minutes per side and voila!

I used Ina Garten’s recipe for cauliflower gratin.  I used skim milk and jarlesberg cheese and the sauce was still rich.  I’ve also made this recipe for Gruyere cheese and it was also delicious.

Cat made the gigantic pot of jambalaya.  Perfect for leftovers.

Kathleen’s kebabs– that could be a restaurant name!
Plate o' potluck

Here is my plate of food.  Though it may look extremely full, don’t be surprised that I went for seconds.  Hence, 5 extra pounds since the initiation of potluck dinners.


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