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As the alphabet progresses I feel that it is harder to come up with recipes.  “M” posed to be a problem because there aren’t a plethora of M veggies or meals.  However, we all managed to come up with another wonderful mix of plates.  The menu was as follows:

To start we had a mozarella spread on toasted bread:

Mediterranean couscous
Mashed potatoes
Mashed root veggies (courtesy of eggsonsunday)
Mustard delights
Monster cookies

Here’s the mustard delight on homemade poppy seed hamburger buns.

The plate of deliciousness:

Cat thinks that her plate of food looks like a face, however, I don’t see it.

And monster cookies:

I really had to stop myself from eating all of the cookies.

Ok, “N” will be a problem, right?  Are there any N veggies?  Any N cuisines?


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